Admissions and Tuition

Admission to CMA is exclusively for students who recognize the importance of a "God-first" life-style. Our success in academics will only matter if we are "seeking first the Kingdom of God." CMA is designed to provide an environment for academic excellence for  students who see God as their Creator and the Bible as their foundation for living.
The first step in the application process is to complete an Application for Enrollment which may be done by clicking below. There are additional steps required after receipt of application. Applicants must complete at least one interview with one of our Administrators where parents and applicant are present. Applicants are required to be actively involved in church and must provide at least 3 references affirming attendance and strength of character. A thorough review of the student's application, interview, and references will be used to determine acceptance into CMA.


CMC Member:*

$175.00/month per student

Non-CMC Member:

$375.00/month per student

CMC Member Kindergarten:*

$215.00/month per student

Non-CMC Member Kindergarten:

$415.00/month per student

One Time Registration fee for new students:

$25.00 per student

Yearly Enrollment Fee:**

$100.00 per student 

*CMC members attend 80% of all

services and tithe consistently.

**May be waived for returning students if first

month's tuition is paid by August 1.


 This could be your child's best year yet! 

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